Another Beautiful Day

Foehn Wind

Foehn Wind by Lisa Kaser



April 27, 2014-
When I woke up today, still slightly battered from the intensity of standing for hours and smiling from the tips my toes to the top of my head at the river of loved ones who came to the Art Sale and Benefit on the 26th, I was thinking…. I need to change my blog entry so that I don’t confuse people….

I like to try to concentrate on what each day brings, what is unique and wonderful to enjoy, and today I have the gift of only-a-handful-of-deadlines, and all of them pretty easy. This wealth of free time has blessed me with the luxury of remembering the interactions of Saturday -with so many good friends, those newly met, and the outpouring of love from my family. What a beautiful day.  With luck, that trend is continuing.

Many of you came to my table on Saturday expecting your book to be there and I so apologize that I was not able to carry all of them with me at that time. Today, I will try to deliver as many as possible and for those close in, they may even arrive by post today.
Thank you, so much for all of your love and support for this project. My heart is full and content and  yet already peeking around the corner for the next spark of inspiration!

One of the most delightful parts of the last two years has been interviewing these talented artists and writing about their lives and work. That, I think, may be one of the waves of my future as I continue to design my life. I hope so.

Thank you for reading and for loving art as I do. Like Lisa Kaser’s “Foehn Wind” above, art has a way  of capturing exactly what we’d otherwise struggle to put into words, reminding us that others do know our hearts nearly as well as we do. Confirmation and resonance to help us on our way. It always thrills me!

I’ll be in touch soon, but for now, coffee….all the while catching the breeze of desire and inspiration. Hearing the small excited voice asking, “what’s next…”?




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