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Sharing the Love. Still.

It’s been nearly two years since I’ve posted on this blog and I have to admit feeling somewhat remorseful about that. I love this project, this book, and the good that I’ve seen it do! (So far we’ve donated $3,000 to pay for preventative breast cancer screening for non-insured and under-insured women.) We believe in the power of spreading the love!

My personal battle with breast cancer began in 2010 and sparked the creation of our book,
26 Love Letters for Mama.  Inspired by a poem written as a gift to me from my daughter, Ema B Greenspan, and nurtured by the encouragement of two dear friends who offered to assist with illustrations, we made the decision to share with women everywhere the comfort, heart-lifting joy, and beauty that I had experienced. Those two friends, along with 20 other female artists, came together with no expectations except to make something wonderful. The journey toward the creation of our book was, for me, as much joy as the poem itself. In it, I found the unforeseen gifts of immersion in creativity and the community of extraordinary women.

Ema and me, 2007

When I was diagnosed with Stage 4 breast cancer in September 2012, I was totally freaked out but also blessed- not only to have a creative focus at that time but also to have the wonderful support of the artists from the book, many of whom by then, were fast friends. I’m not saying it was a picnic. But I still felt like a lucky girl- as I do today!


Me with my girl, 2010

26 Love Letters for Mama was originally released in April 2014. Now, three and 1/2 years later, our book is still vital- and I’m happy to report- so am I! Although I find that cancer has worn out both its welcome (and its hostess on some days), here I am! Back to say that I’m still on the planet and still excited about sharing the love. One of the things that I have learned over these years is that love and support never go out of fashion. Mamas always want to hear they are adored and women’s art has an exquisite timeless quality that touches the heart.

Ema and I want you to know that we will still be donating $10.00 for every book sold to support breast cancer research but that we will no longer be doing that online.

Now that my own diagnosis has become Stage 4, Metastatic Breast Cancer (MBC), I’ve learned a lot about funding. Because Stage 4 breast cancer is currently classified as a terminal disease that takes the lives of 40,000 men and women every year and is also the least funded, we have decided to donate to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.  BCRF is recognized as one of the most financially efficient nonprofits in the country. They are the only breast cancer organization with an “A+” from CharityWatch and have a 4-star rating from Charity Navigator. Both Ema and I feel very good about them. We hope you will too.

Please consider purchasing 26 Love letters for Mama to give to the mamas in your life, or to keep for yourself on those days when you need a lift. I promise you, it’s the sweetest Mother’s Day gift ever and one that you’ll you’ll always enjoy. We have discontinues our online sales but there are two places  in Corvallis, Oregon to buy 26 Love Letters for Mama. They are Rice’s Pharmacy and Pegasus Art Gallery. I realize this is really limited but frankly, at this point, so am I. :>(  We hope to be back in a larger capacity one day soon but have no plans currently.

Thank you for your past, and continuing support!
With love, hope and blessings to you all –


In April of 2014, we released a book that was a labor of love. My daughter,
Ema B Greenspan,  wrote the poem, she and I collaborated on one of the illustrations. The two of us, along with 22 other talented female artists from the Northwest, created a compilation of beauty that honors mother’s in particular, but also women everywhere.

Ema B Greenspan

Ema B Greenspan

That book was 26 Love Letters for Mama,
an alliterative ABC.

Today, I am so proud to say that the book has done well. Not blockbuster well. Not New York Times Bestseller well. But so well that this year, we have been able to donate $3,000.00 to the Women’s Cancer Coalition,  giving low-income, uninsured and underserved women a real chance to catch breast and cervical cancers before they have a chance to grow or spread.

Your generous support of our book has helped 100’s of women to have free screenings where otherwise they may have ignored potentially life-threatening.symptoms. Thank you for helping to make this possible!

I hope that if you already have one of our books, that it brings you as much joy and comfort as it has brought me to help create it.

All the best,

What an Honor!

Recently  a friend called and suggested that I might want to have my book, 26 Love Letters for Mama, at the Corvallis Lunafest, which was January 31, 2015  at 7pm at the LaSelles Stewart Center.  lunalogoI was thrilled! They also asked me to be the GUEST SPEAKER!! So naturally, I was thrilled and petrified. :>)

Here is a link to the video in case you missed it: Lunatalk Susan Chung 2015  and some information about Lunafest. It’s really an amazing celebration of creativity and women’s art. I hope you’ll look for it next year!

“LUNAFEST is a traveling film festival of award-winning short films by, for and about women. This season, their program of nine films – filled with stories of reflection, hope and humor – will travel to over 150 cities and screen in front of 25,000 people. Each year, various organizations bring LUNAFESTs to their communities and raise funds for their local non-profits as well as our main beneficiary – Breast Cancer Fund.”

Here is a short trailer about Lunafest. Watch!

Lunafest is an 11 year old tradition in our community and this year it was hosted by the  Women’s Cancer Coalition. I am so honored to be able to contribute to this wonderful and worthy cause.

Proceeds from this event will be used to help non-insured and under-insured women in our community receive mammograms early on, to help stop the spread of breast cancer. Thank you for all you do!


Another Beautiful Day

Foehn Wind

Foehn Wind by Lisa Kaser



April 27, 2014-
When I woke up today, still slightly battered from the intensity of standing for hours and smiling from the tips my toes to the top of my head at the river of loved ones who came to the Art Sale and Benefit on the 26th, I was thinking…. I need to change my blog entry so that I don’t confuse people….

I like to try to concentrate on what each day brings, what is unique and wonderful to enjoy, and today I have the gift of only-a-handful-of-deadlines, and all of them pretty easy. This wealth of free time has blessed me with the luxury of remembering the interactions of Saturday -with so many good friends, those newly met, and the outpouring of love from my family. What a beautiful day.  With luck, that trend is continuing.

Many of you came to my table on Saturday expecting your book to be there and I so apologize that I was not able to carry all of them with me at that time. Today, I will try to deliver as many as possible and for those close in, they may even arrive by post today.
Thank you, so much for all of your love and support for this project. My heart is full and content and  yet already peeking around the corner for the next spark of inspiration!

One of the most delightful parts of the last two years has been interviewing these talented artists and writing about their lives and work. That, I think, may be one of the waves of my future as I continue to design my life. I hope so.

Thank you for reading and for loving art as I do. Like Lisa Kaser’s “Foehn Wind” above, art has a way  of capturing exactly what we’d otherwise struggle to put into words, reminding us that others do know our hearts nearly as well as we do. Confirmation and resonance to help us on our way. It always thrills me!

I’ll be in touch soon, but for now, coffee….all the while catching the breeze of desire and inspiration. Hearing the small excited voice asking, “what’s next…”?




So Much to Be Thankful For

So much has happened and so much amazing energy is coming together!!

As many of you know, our Kickstarter Campaign was wildly successful and the books are home from the printer! I can tell you that they are simply gorgeous and that all of the artists that I have spoken with are delighted at the way their art has been portrayed by the photographer and the printer.  This picture is smaller than the books actually are but the truth is, they look as fresh as Spring and are just full of light!
sniped cover

And Now it’s Celebration Time!

Everyone is invited to attend the Riverside Art Sale and Benefit which will take place at the Wheelhouse Event Center in Albany Oregon. The street address is 421 NE Water Avenue and we will be there  from 3-6 p.m. on Saturday, April 26th with books to sell, art from 15 of the 22 artists which is also for sale, live music, great food and a beautiful venue. We hope that you will come out to see us, Pick up your Kickstarter books, buy more for the rest of your loved ones and treat yourself to owning an original piece of art from any of these beautiful and talented women from the Northwest. I’m sure that the effect of all this beauty in one place will be a treat not to be missed!!

Here is your personal invitation and map: We hope to see you all there!

Invitation for YOU!

Invitation for YOU!