In April of 2014, we released a book that was a labor of love. My daughter,
Ema B Greenspan,  wrote the poem, she and I collaborated on one of the illustrations. The two of us, along with 22 other talented female artists from the Northwest, created a compilation of beauty that honors mother’s in particular, but also women everywhere.

Ema B Greenspan

Ema B Greenspan

That book was 26 Love Letters for Mama,
an alliterative ABC.

Today, I am so proud to say that the book has done well. Not blockbuster well. Not New York Times Bestseller well. But so well that this year, we have been able to donate $3,000.00 to the Women’s Cancer Coalition,  giving low-income, uninsured and underserved women a real chance to catch breast and cervical cancers before they have a chance to grow or spread.

Your generous support of our book has helped 100’s of women to have free screenings where otherwise they may have ignored potentially life-threatening.symptoms. Thank you for helping to make this possible!

I hope that if you already have one of our books, that it brings you as much joy and comfort as it has brought me to help create it. If you would like to order a book for yourself, or would like to have one sent to a loved one, please follow this link. Your Mother will be delighted!

You’ll also be pleased to know that $10.00 from every purchase will continue to go to the Women’s Cancer Coalition.  A double blessing.

All the best,

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