Who We Are and What We Do

After years of working for corporations as a freelance graphic designer and writer I decided to break away and create my own work in collaboration with other like-minded artists. This blog is a celebration of women artists and their work and also a place for us to show potential publishers what we have made together- a beautiful little gem of a book.

We began working on 26 Love Letters for Mama about 2 years ago. It was written by Ema B Greenspan, and illustrated by a group of 22 very talented women artists from the Pacific Northwest.. The result is a lovely compilation of rich color, texture and style- plus a sweet poem that speaks to the heart.

Ours is a very diverse group. We are weavers, carvers, printmakers, sculptors and painters. We are eclectic and exciting with ages ranging from 20-something to 60-odd. Over time on this blog you will meet for example, a painter from Seattle, two ceramics artists from Vancouver, a sculptor and illustrator from Portland, a batik artist from Olympia and a fibre artist from Toronto, Canada. (Yes, I know Toronto is not even in the US but as she lived in Oregon for YEARS, she’s been grandmothered in. :>)

And this is a wonderful opportunity to thank our fabulous photographer: Darryl Schmidt from ArtCapture Photography in Seattle. His work is so professional and he’s a great guy!

I hope you will enjoy and share these interviews. I look forward to collecting and sharing great stories from our delightful and talented group of artists as well as showing you samples of their work. I hope that you will post your comments. We’d like to know what you think!

All the best!


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    1. Susan Chung Post author

      Thanks Kate. It is such a small world! I am still recovering from the art show but give me a week and then come by! It would be fun to chat.


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